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The Dalwallinu Arts Festival proudly acknowledges and thanks the sponsors and members of the local community who support this biennual event. The 2023 Festival Sponsors can be found here.

History of the Arts Festival

The original group, known as the Dalwallinu Arts Festival Committee formalised in 1973.  It formed as a result of the vibrant creative people and amateur artists in the area recognising the opportunity to display their creativity whilst attracting artists into the area.


The first President of the Committee was Mr Rod Broomhall and Mrs Sally Hobday was the secretary.  Mr John Tonkin (West Aust Premier) opened the event.  The Committee decided, after the first Festival being such an outstanding success, that a Festival would be held in the town hall every two years.  This venue changed in 1979 when the Festival was relocated to the new Recreational Centre.

Over the years the content (or sections within the exhibition) varied depending on the interest and diversity within the community.  At times, literary and musical displays and awards were included.  The local and surrounding schools were very involved but now many of these schools don’t exist any longer, due to population decline.

Support of the Dalwallinu Shire

Jessie Atkinson, a very articulate and educated woman rallied the local artists and Dalwallinu Shire to work together and develop the Festival. Jessie wrote the first submission to the Shire requesting their support.  Since 1973, the Shire have been inherently important to the continuity and production of each biennial Arts Festival with financial and practical support.  This is much appreciated. More information on the Shire of Dalwallinu can be found online via

The Dalwallinu Creative Arts Inc

Over the years the committee organised many diverse and creative workshops for the community. Including many mediums of painting, ceramics, woodturning, photography, silverwork, literature, stained glass, macrame, patchwork, wood carving, pottery throwing, silk-screening, material dying, leatherwork and many more.  This encouraged and supported the community to be involved in creative pursuits.

2021 marked the 25th Art Festival Exhibition.  These Festivals over the years have been possible due to the focussed Committee and a committed group of people having the ongoing interest and energy to organise each Festival.  The local business and community people have always been supportive in many practical ways and their financial support of the event.

We appreciate the people who have gone before us who have organised and supported this amazing Dalwallinu Arts Festival that continues today.

The Dalwallinu Creative Arts Inc. holds it's AGM each year in March. The 2023 committee members include:

  • Merrie Carlshausen (President)

  • Erica Hollins

  • Jane Hyde (Secretary)

  • Lisa Malatesta

  • Leanne McAlpine (Treasurer)

  • Deb Metcalf

  • Kathy Mills

  • Leanne Pearse

  • Pauline Pearse

  • Leanne Sawyer

  • Annabel Sinnott

  • Katrina Venticinque

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